Our Philosophy


For most of us in the modern world it is a constant challenge to maintain a healthy balance between a daily life cluttered with information and our mental and physical health. One of the most meaningful ways to maintain the balance is to retreat for a while to a solitary and spiritual place.

As organizers of cultural and trekking tours in the kingdom of Bhutan, we cultivate a passionate relationship with the Himalayan mountain regions, with their people and their culture. The colorful and unspoiled country, the diversity of cultures, the taste of the wind in the tops of the mountains, the absolute silence, and the infinite freedom on the summits hold us under their spell.

In contrast to many other types of holiday, our tours will truly help you to escape from the stress of the modern world, from emails, from mobile telephones and from your daily schedule. We offer relaxation for your mind, and open up a doorway to infinite freedom in the most beautiful country of mountains in the world, with fascinating, colorful and unspoiled cultures which can change your life.