Why Choose Us?


Why travel with Heartland Bhutan Adventure?

Heartland Bhutan Adventure is not only our company, but also a reflection of our passion for the mountains Himalayas of Bhutan, its people and its rich cultures guided by the policy of Gross National Happiness. This is why the principles of our company include fair treatment of our employees and business partners, security for our customers, and protection and preservation of cultures, in addition to sustainable tourism and environmental protection. Happy traveler with happy host.

Fair treatment of our crew and our business partners :Fairness along the entire tourism chain is the flagship of our company. Our guides and porters are among the key performers in our company. They are a very high priority for us. We ensure that these, our key performers, receive fair remuneration and are treated as equals and with due respect. This is why we do not negotiate giveaway prices with our business partners, which would ultimately be at the expense of local people, the guides and porters.
We also invest in appropriate trekking equipment for our guides and porters, as well as in their training and further development and qualifications.

On the same principle of fairness for all we also offer you, our customers, a fair price performance package, and abstain from high surcharges.

Your safety and comfort : Your safety and comfort are our top priority and for that we do everything possible to help to make your trip a safe and memorable adventure. We guarantee this by

Experienced local guides, all trained in first aid: All our guides have a minimum of 10 years experience. They are well acquainted with the mountains of the Himalayas, the conditions of the weather and the roads. With the local way of life, can be comfortably interact in local languages.

Use of oximeter: On our trekking tours we use an oximeter to regularly measure your heart rate and the oxygen saturation in your blood, so that in cases of over-exertion we can act to counter problems in good time.

Use of the Gamow Bag or Oxygen Set: On our tours of 3000 metres  and higher, we use Gamow Bags (pressure bags) or Oxygen Set in order to be able to treat possible cases of altitude sickness.

First Aid Kit: In all of our tours and treks we carry first aid kits with appropriate essential medicines.

Sufficient time for acclimatization: All our routes are planned carefully and with sufficient time for acclimatization to ensure that you always stay fit and healthy.

Categorization of our trips according to difficulty: To help make it easier to book the right tour to suit your trekking experience, tours are categorized according to level of difficulty.

Flight instead of long bus journeys: The road conditions in Bhutan , some parts of the country have good roads and some can be very uncomfortable and stressful. This is felt particularly on long journeys of up to 6 – 7 hours. We therefore offer the possibility of domestic flights rather than long journeys by bus or car.

Typical local hotels: Where possible, we book hotels in quieter locations and with interiors typical of the area in order to be able to bring the culture of the country as close to you as possible.

Comfort Tours: For those guests preferring more comfort we offer stays in high-class accommodation, provided this is possible in the respective areas.

Comprehensive advice: Embark on your trip fully prepared and with the correct advice.